Sunday, 20 April 2008



Following the devastating fire at Lilly Lu's home, I have decided to auction some items with all proceeds donated directly to Lilly Lu/her human.

Being in the public eye is hard. One cannot be seen in the same outfit twice. With that in mind, the first item I should like to auction is this stunning regal ensemble:

Don't be distracted by the beautiful siamese cat modelling these items - you are actually bidding on this red velvet cardigan.

With a matching crown!

Purchased recently and worn only once, this item really is striking!

So, who will be the highest bidder? I can almost HEAR you all scrambling to hit the paypal button! Before you do,some things to note:

I am a BIG cat! So needless to say, this cardi might swamp some of our smaller feline friends. That said, if you are as egotistical as I am, the crown will fit your large head just fine. Also, it ties up around the waist area. Just not around MY waist.

Leave a comment to let me know how much you have bid. I will email the highest bidder at the end of the auction to arrange payment to the relevant paypal account. That said, you can find the donate link below which will send funds directly to Lily Lu/ Mum Laura should you be so inclined.

This auction item will be available until Monday 20/04/2008.

The item will be dispatched via airmail, first class from the UK. I will email you as soon as the parcel has been dispatched.

I really want to auction my baby brother but apparently I am not 'allowed'. Whatever. He wouldn't make much money anyway.

All proceeds to go direct to Mum Laura.

Happy bidding!

Ta ta for now

HRH Yao-Lin xxx



Mr. Echo said...

I'm not reely the first to bid am I? It's my first time visitin!

I think that outfit wood look just as good, if not bedder, on me than on Yao-lin. So I'm gonna open the bidding at 20 bucks.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh wow, i'll bid $25. it is a bummer you don't come with it Yao-lin, i think you and Bendrix would have tons of fun together.

Beezer said...

Unfortunately, I don't think it would wrap around me either. Some of us are more Henry VIII, or more to love size! But, I think your auction will be a smashing success, and you are a HRH of Kitties for doing this.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

whoo hoo! now i know if i win i'll be supporting Mama Laura and ALL THREE friends as they rebuild. I'm so glad MuShue, Lilly and Iris are safe!!

The Cat Realm said...

Yao-Lin - that is so wonderful of you to do! Very much what a king would do, royal behavior!!!!
I, on the other hand, did something really bad..... Your Mom bought two raffle tickets and I am sure that meant: One for you. And one for Baby Mao.
I put your name on both. Hahahahahahahahahahha!

The Cat Realm said...

Please be so kind to come by our blog, there is a party invitation and an award for you!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Yao-lin, that is a fabulous outfit. Too bad you are a big cat, as we are both fairly small.

We are so happy our friends are safe!

Ramses said...

Oh Yau-Lin you are being wonderful and generous! What's wrong with you? Get your human to take you to the vet straight away! ;) Honestly what you are going is heart warming and we shall hunt through our stuff and see if we have something that could be auctioned for the cause too... Drat, My Mummy says Tigmut'hep is not a possibility! Back to the drawing board so to speak! ;)

Monty Q. Kat said...

Are you sure the handsome Meezer isn't included? BabyBean does know where the treat box is and can't if you say '3 treats' she'll likely feed you till you hurl. ;)

The Crew said...

Wow, that is a royal robe, to be sure. You look so handsome, Mom can hardly take her eyes from the screen!


Tyler said...

Yai-lin, Your Royal Highness, is that you? Or is someone just impersonating you, Sir? I thought you only had eyes for yourself. What a thoughtful gesture to sell your royal rags or um, accouterments. I'm anti-clothing, just a peasant some might say. But we hope you make lots of moola, that's for sure!

Mr. Echo said...

Hendrix, I'll look bedder in that outfit. Hee hee. I got ladies to impress. I bid 30 bucks!!!

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Hi yo-lin

Lilly Lu here fanks for all your help this is my FAVIORT YO-lin outfit I love love love it I wanted one just like it. After all I am queen lilly cat

Lux said...

My mom wants to bid on the cat.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

drat that Mr. Echo. I suppose a Meezer would look best in it. It is so regal. I'm going for the next outfit and I'll get it no doubt!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

The Queen MUST bid! $35, that Dollars right? :D I would look lovely in that I think! ~Queen Snickers

Mr. Echo said...

I'm gonna bid to 40 bucks. I jes gotta haff that owtfit!

The Furry Fighter said...

i kind of fancy that outfit myself...but it would swamp me and Castle is too fat for anything at the moment, he would just about squeeze into a pillow-case *puffs out cheeks*

how are you Yao-Lin? we haven't been around much cos our Human is not dedicating enough of her time to us. isn't that bad? especially when you consider my condition! *guilt trips* hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Your generosity is much appreciated, Yao-lin. Very magnanimous of you!

Midori said...

To The Grand Imperial HRH Yao-Lin,

Your Excellency, we are all admiration for your noble and princely sacrifice in offering your royal outfit for such a worthy cause. I will bid the sum of $45.00 and will raise it to $50.00 if you would deign to include a personally pawographed portrait of you wearing the outfit. (I especially admire the portrait of you graciously offering your royal paw to one of your adoring and loyal fans.) In Admiration, Kipling (the Siamese)

Quasi said...

What a kind gesture. Unfortunately, I think it actually may be too small for me as I am a big boy. BTW, you might enjoy my latest blog post about a cat named Meez-es and Purrover. What the beans call Moses and Passover.

Tigmut'hep said...

I've tagged you for a meme Yao-Lin, I'm sure you'll have 6 great words to tell us all! :)