Monday, 28 July 2008

Moody Meezer Monday

I can't cope with this relentless heat. For DAYS the humidity has been forcing me to do little more than 'flop' onto the rug. I cannot move.

I would say I cannot eat because of the heat but I doubt anycat would believe me.

The human says I look fat in these photos! Honestly, talk about pot and kettle! Traitorous wench!

Right, I'm off to 'flop' all over the human until she fans me with a magazine. It is the very least she can do.

Yours, unable to cope in this extreme climate

HRH Yao-Lin


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yao-lin I feel for you. I hope that the climate ends up being more to your liking soon.

I noticed no fat in any of those photos. In fact, I quite worry you will waste away if you are not eating.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Well at least she is decorating around you- that's a good sign. Oh and you're not a Meezer-Sausage. That's what they tell me I am when they think I'm round.


Castle said...

hey are NOT fat! you look so much like Stormie in that top picture :)

we are very hot too - Meowmie has turned a bright red colour, she looks dreadful, white patches under her arms but bright red on the other side...classy.

she said she is going to the seaside tomorrow or she can go even redder!


Daisy said...

Do you have any tile floors? If you lay on them sometimes it will keep the belly cool!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are flopping around everywhere too. We find lying in the long grass in the shade is the coolest.

The Meezers said...

oh dear Yao-lin. It's been hoomid here too and mommy just complains that it makes her head furs frizzy.

Sweet Praline said...

Yao-lin, I am experiencing that same heat and humidity in SC. I cool off by lying down in front of the air-condition vent. Do you have one of those?

Lux said...

Oh, Yao-Lin, I do so feel for you. I'm always hearing about how "big" I am, and not in a good way.

And heat on top of that??? Just intolerable!

Ramses said...

I too am feeling the heat Yao-lin, but made a big bo-bo when trying to get rid of a little loose fur this morning... It left me feeling cooler I guess, but soggy is always bad!

The Crew said...

As royalty, aren't you entitled to at least ONE air conditioned room?

Sunny's Mommy said...

It's hot here, too, but we have air conditioning and run it constantly. Do you have A/C?

You are definitely NOT fat! That is possibly your Slave projecting her own self image on to you. Easier than taking a look at herself I guess.

PS: If you do not have A/C and your Slave refuses to buy HRH an A/C window unit, I would demand ice cream. That does help a bit to cool off in hot weather. I know this for a fact ;-)

Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

We can see ur ribs, Yao-Lin! How can that equate to being fat??
The heat must be making ur Slave see double!
U can get her to fan u + a cool water towel bath too!

Karl & Ruis said...

Poor Yao-Lin. You should come over to our African Lodge and sit in the tub with us.... Very refreshing. We are taking it easy at the moment, so to rest up for the next safari adventure.

Junior said...

You are NOT fat! You are height challenged!

Be careful complaining about the heat...I would hate for you to get yo ur beautiful fur shaved off!

michico*Adan said...

Hey Yao-Lin~
I think your shape is just perfect~!
I didn't see any body fat,
all muscles~!! You are very dashing~

Tigmut'hep said...

I see you have been suffering too this week... Humans are so thoughtless!

The Furry Kids said...

We saw you on Stuff on My Cat today. Very royal!