Friday, 15 August 2008

Frootbat Warning on Friday

Human: I understand that you are to meet Isis tomorrow at the cat show.


I mean it, fatso. Just watch your mouth.

HRH Yao-Lin


Daisy said...

This will be very exciting and interesting!

Lux said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. I'll bet she only says nice things, though, Yao-Lin.

Black Cat said...

She loves you, she won't bad-mouth you to Isis!

ConCATulations on your award! Speaking of hunting the neighbours' food, have you ever felt the presence of a Burmese cat encouraging you from the Bridge? Just wondering... :) xxx

P.S. Hope your Slave and Isis and her Mummy have a good time at the show.

The Cat Realm said...

She would have to be a great inventor if she was to tell unflattering things about you. Those two words 'unflattering' and 'Yao-Lin' don't even go into one sentence! So not to worry.
Mrs. OZ

Jimmy Joe said...

That is a good message, Yao-Lin. Very clear. I hope that she understands it, since she is a bit thick, judging from your frustrations.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Cheysuli and gemini said...

How exciting that she gets to meet Isis.

As for your warning: Yao-lin there isn't anything unflattering about you that she could say is that?

topcatrules said...

Yao-lin! Yao-lin!
Our mother came home tonight after several days away helping out with her mother up north who fell and broke a shoulder.
So Yao-lin - we all slept with Alessandro each night and do you know, he didn't know we have our own electric blanket on our side of the bed and he just turned his on... so we all slept on top of him!!

Isn't that just too funny? All three of us squished him flat.

Isis said...

Oh Yao-lin your Mum eer Slave was lovely! :) I must thank you for the gifts and once Tigmut'hep has got his big fat nose out of the catnip you sent him and regained conciousness I'm sure he'll thank you for that too - heck you even picked his preferred brand of 'nip, he was so impressed before the drug haze set in! ;) Oh and the photos of you are simply gorgeous, I shall treasure them always! :)

Once I am good and rested I shall sit down with Ramses and maybe even Tigs and sort through our new dressing up box and see who looks best in each item - though I'm insisting on getting the pretty Hawaiian skirt! :)

Your lovely Slave said some very nice things about you too, but do frisk her for the care package of food we sent home with her for you - there were *4* pouches, I counted them so if one or two are missing I'd ask her what she had for her dinner! ;) We hope you enjoy them all and that they go some way towards alleviating your great suffering!


PS: I will have proper professional photos of me to show off in about a week's time and Mummy's getting a handbag made with my face on it too! :) Look at the devotion I inspire...

Aoise said...

How could anyone find anything unflattering to say about you ? You are perfection.

Jane said...

She got to meet Isis? Wow what an honor ~the Fluffy Tribe