Thursday, 29 March 2007

Thursday Tag!

I was tagged by Junior! Thanks Junior!

I was at a loose end as to what I should post today, given my (completely out of character) display of affection yesterday. Mwa ha ha - time to revert to my spoilt brattish self! Mwa ha ha !

Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1. To impart my royal beauty and wisdom on the world. Of course!

2. To show the world how handsome I am, especially in clothes!

3. Honestly, I am completely bowled over by the friendly cat bloggers on here. I have made friends - real friends - not just cats who hang on to my coat tails because they adore me. Quality!

4. It is a good tool to show the world how superior I am over humans and, of course, over my baby brother Mao.

5. My ultimate goal is world domination. I am secretly recruiting an army of cats.

Our day will come, my friends. Our day will come.

Now, the five I choose to tag are: Jeter Harris, Evil White Cat, Mr hendrix, Tara and Skeezix!.


Daisy said...

Yao-lin, your blog is a good first step in world domination. I think you are right, our day will come!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

We are all working towards eventual world domination. It just takes a while.

We love you too Yao-Lin!


Tara said...

Isn't if fun how we all end up tagging each other!

Yes, world domination, especially by meezers!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Da wheels iz in moshun, today da innernets, tomorrow da werld! mwahahaha, mwahahaa.

Artsy Catsy said...

We personally believe very strongly in world domination. The world is obviously going to the dogs, so it's time for cats to take over and straighten things out!


jeter harris said...

deer yao-lin,
thank u fer taggin me. i will do mi best ... altho i don't think i can come close to yer reezonz fer bloggin!
luv--yer frend--jh

Karen Jo said...

Good luck in your plans for World Domination.

Lux said...

I'm really glad you show us how handsome you are ... and superior, of course!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

World Domination is a good thing! We will stand behind your powers that be! Purrs to a gorgeous Kitty Cat...

Dragonheart said...

Yao-lin, world domination sounds like a great idea. Those all sound like good reasons for you to blog.

Junior said...

Great reasons! I love your meezerly attitude!

Faz the Cat said...

Hye Yao-Lin (what does Yao-Lin mean?), I like your reasons and agree with all of them - purr FAZ

Caesar + Prinnie said...

Excellent reason to blog.
I hope for the day of world domination of the kitties... we are so close -- every day a step closer!


Eric and Flynn said...

Those are good reasons. We haf the annser to werld dominayshun. Efurrycat knows we dominate owr Beans, so we make efurry hyooman git a kitty, the kitty dominates theer hyooman, and theer yoo go, we dominate the werld.

Ratty said...

Hello your royal gorgeousness! :) There has been an issue wiv my blog - SHE has, accidentally (she claims) taken it over wiv her google something-or-other. I am overseeing the sorting out of the whole mess an' will be back soon.

The Evil white one -x-