Thursday 11 March 2010

It's complicated

It's all very complicated, you see.

At first, the teenage human seemed to be a person that I could detest as much as I do my human slave. She was annoying, loud, and in MY HOUSE.

Then she started giving me treats, chin scritches and compliments.

" Your Highness", she cooed, " I adore Siamese cats! You are perfection beyond belief!! Please let me sit by your paws and brush you for hours on end!".

She even brought over steak.

This piqued my interest. I began to wonder, 'are all humans completely useless like my slave or are some slightly more intelligent as this specimen seems to be?'.

She adores me. I really don't blame her.

I'll carry on enjoying the steak-gifts and compliments and will allow her to believe we have some kind of a future. In reality, I just feel pity for her. She will never be good enough for one of my royal background. Poor deluded girl.

Yours, in a complicated relationship. With the mirror.

HRH Yao-Lin xxxx