Sunday, 24 June 2007

A Meme on Sunday

I was tagged by both Casey and Dragonheart for the following Meme! The thing I love most about meme's is the title: ME ME! Appreciative purrs to you both.

1. Favorite season? Winter. Food, sleep, electric blanket, slaves at my beck and call.

2} Favorite colors? Well, purple obviously as it is a royal colour. I am also partial to guiness colours because they match my points (i.e cream and brown).

3} Favorite room? Any room where Baby Mao is not in the vicinity. I just like some peace and quiet from time to time, you understand of course?

4} Do you like dogs? No. I met a giant white dog once who was overly friendly. I feel uncomfortable around displays of affection from animals with whom I am not well acquanited. I found the dog very common and decided to look down my nose at it. Riff raff, I am sure you will agree?

6} Do you have to get bathed? No. If my humans even so much as thought of doing this, I would severely reprimand them. They know it isn't worth it.

7} Are you in love? Well, you all know who I love the most and I know that you can't blame me! I am so wonderful! I also love Fiona because we are soul mates.

8} Where would you like to travel to? I am in the process of applying for my passport because I want to take back Siam.

9} What do you ignore? I have no choice but to ignore the waft of poo smell that follows Baby Mao wherever he goes. I also ignore the humans when they fuss and fawn over me. This happens a lot. I run by the motto ' treat em mean and keep em keen'. It really does work.

10} How many lives have you used up? One. I actually fell down a huge tree when I was just a boy. I have not climbed a tree since. I demand to be lifted up instead.

11} Do you have any dark secrets? Yes. I intend to overthrow the British Government. I am waiting for Tony Blair to step down before I push Gordon Brown from his post and declare British Parliament Siamese Territory.

12} What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. Presents and a huge feast.

13} Water or milk? Water. It keeps one looking youthful.

14} Why do you blog? To show the world how wonderful I am and to gain appreciation in response. Oh, and to make new friends, of course.

15} Are you into extremes? Extreme discipline. The humans' just won't learn without the occasonal bite or scratch.

16} Favorite TV shows? Same as Casey: Dr Who. It gives me ideas on taking over the world.

17} Are you a pesty lap cat? Only very occasionally. Of course, I am not considered pesty because the humans feel so excited that I am acknowledging them, they positively gleam with delight. It is quite pathetic!

18} Inside or outside cat? I do like to wander outside occasionally but I mainly stay indoors. I panic if my slaves are not nearby. Who can fetch me food if I am on my own outside?

19} What makes you happy? I am so incredibly spoiled that nothing actually makes me happy anymore. No matter how many toys I am bought or how much worship is bestowed upon me, I still scowl and throw temper tantrums. I don't even get excited over roast dinners any longer. I blame the humans for this.

20} Your most embarrassing moment? I threw a two day temper tantrum when Baby Mao came to live with me. I am not proud of this - I actually lashed out at both the slaves and the little white runt who was invading my space. Looking back, I should have been much more stoic in my approach. I was only young though, so it is understandable.

Right, I am going to tag: Cheysuli, Jinx and Parker.


Daisy said...

Yao-Lin, you are not to be blamed for your temper tantrum when Baby Mao came. Even a big cat would do the same, and you were just little then.

Monty Q. Kat said...

You like Doctor Who too? We should start having Doctor Who nights! I'll bring the sardines!

Parker said...

Your Highness - Thanks for the tag - I'll get busy. You actually fell out of a tree? Ouch! Dang, what an awful thing to happen to a cat of your status!

Eric and Flynn said...

Yoo are furry regal Yao-lin and we are furry impurressed wiv yore annsers. We wuz purrtikkerly inchrestid that yoo wuz going to ofurrthrow the guvverment. Would yoo like some help? We could haf a Siamese/Gingers Alliance Party, (SiGAP)Efurryone knows cats would make a better job than the Beans.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yao-lin, yoo had a rite to complain when dey brawt in Baby Mao. Did dey consult yoo afore dey just added him to da howsehold? I did da same thing when dey brawt home Speedy, now he's my brofur and best buddy.

Dragonheart said...

Yao-lin, I enjoyed reading your answers. I can understand why you threw a temper tantrum when Mao came to live with you. Falling out of the tree must have been scary!

Jimmy Joe said...

Hi Yao-Lin--
It sounds like you got a lot of good plans in the pipe-line. When you take over England and make it a Siamese colony, you will have lots of slaves and you can get Baby Mao his own palace!
Your buddy--Jimmy Joe

Cheysuli said...

Such a long meme which will have to happen on Meezer Monday!

I think it would be fantastic and make great inroads for Siamese if you were to take over a prime minister Yao-lin. You completely have my support.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Yao-Lin, pls do not call it a temper tantrum, it is proper to assert your authority and superiority by showing them who's boss.


PS. If you need help either taking over the British government OR taking back Siam - let me know, I will be there for you!

Chairman Mao said...

Yao-lin, you are a most ecksellent and regal Meezer! I just love your Cattitude.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Ali & Fiona said...

Does that mean I get rule by your side when you over throw British government? I will pick out the perfect dress!

Frodo said...

I am so happy to meet you! Thank you for visiting me and saying hello. I look forward to getting to know you more.
Your friend - Frodo

caricature said...

Great answers Yao-Lin. I just read somewhere that Siamese were one of the most intelligent cat breeds!

The Cat Realm said...

I totally agree to your answers of # 14 and 15!!!
Very nice to learn more about you, you are a very nice cat, glad to know you!!!
And I am Cat of the Day! Just have to tell, I am so proud and honored!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

We totally understand about your tantrum with Mao. As an only kitty, I would not handle sharing my palace with anyone. I hardly share my mommy with daddy, why would I want to share with another kitty? My grandpa watches Dr. Who and loves it too. I hope sweet Fiona helps make you happy.
BTW I think you look great in all your fashion colors!

lordjaders said...

How drrreadful, to fall frrrom a trrree--that will give me a
nightmarrre! I wonderrr if my beans will get me a little ball of fluff to torrrturrre someday?
It is harrrd to be purrrfect, but I think you arrre doing a good job of it, Yao-Lin. When you take overrr Siam can I come too? Didn't they love jade therrre too?
hee, hee.

Tara said...

hehehe...I appreciate all of those answers!