Sunday, 18 February 2007

Meezer Munday II

Ah, another Meezer Munday! My, how very quickly time flies in the world of cat blogging! Here are some rather dashing pictures of me, wearing one of my favourite vests. The word on the shirt is REBEL although I feel it should spell PRINCE. Still, I can't grumble, the shirt makes me look even more handsome than usual and for that, I am grateful. Mao says I look Gay and, if that means being one happy cat, then I feel he is right.

Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on my blog this past week. It is much appreciated. To have subjects is mandatory but to have such faithful and adoring subjects..well, all I can say is how very lucky you are to be associated with me.

I must retire, enjoy your Meezer Munday and remember, fashion is for life, not just special occasions.



Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You look dashing in your shirt! I know I am thrilled that you are blogging, I think you're super handsome with tons of meezer-tude. Bravo!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Gay sounds like happy to me. I myself own one shirt, it has my girlfriend Cheysuli on it.


Daisy said...

WOW! Yao-lin, that is a great "Rebel"
vest you got. It looks very nice on you. You should wear more outfits.

jeterharris said...

dat iz a hansum swetter u ar warin. i, miself, don't ware swetterz. i prefer to go, az dey say, au natural.

Dragonheart said...

That's a very nice vest Yao-lin. :) My mom says you look very handsome in it. :)

Tara said...

Wow, you look very dashing, and with a shirt that says REBEL, the Pink Ladies must like it! Tara

Kimo & Sabi said...

Wow! That's an awesome t-shirt dude! Furry manly!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

What a great shirt! I love stuff that says "Rebel" on it. Just like my name sake! It is a little dangerous for my beans to try and put outfits on me, but I'm good with bandanas.