Saturday, 28 April 2007

Stunning on Saturday

Here are some pictures of gorgeous me in the garden at the back of our flat. I have to say that, as always, I look spectacularly siamese-y gorgeous!

The human thinks I look a bit podgy. I disagree and, as has been banded about the cat blogosphere lately - the camera adds ten pounds!

There is absolutely NO WAY I will EVER go on a diet. It won't happen. If my humans even began to think that way, I would make their lives a misery. Mark my words!

Right, I'm off to scoff some lamb chops.

p.s I think the humans may be going somewhere. They have packed a bag and keep mentioning Amsterdam. Does that mean they won't be here to serve me? Watch this space.


Dragonheart said...

Yao-lin, you look handsome, even if the camera does add some "floof."

If your humans are going away, I hope they've found someone appropriate to look after you. I have a cat-sitter visiting me twice a day right now, while my humans are in Hamburg.

The Meezer Gang said...

Yao, from one Meezer to another, we know that we will always be perfect! The sooner everyone else figures this out, the better!

DiNkErDoO said...

My mummy keeps saying that she's going to 'spain' humans can be so silly! theres no world apart from the Isle of Wight :)

When mummy goes off to 'spain' i have to stay at springfield cattery in wotten. They feed me ham there :)

I wrote you a poem :)

Parker said...

Yao-Lin, Is that your belly I see? No, wait, it must be the camera and the 10 pounds thing! Hee!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

You are one gorgeous meezer! I think you are the meezer standard! I will tell your Mommy this, OK?! Lets have a party! With your beans out of town, we can have serious fun! I'll bring a whole Salmon. I seem to be bring those to parties lately.

Angelika said...

Where will you be while your humans are away?

Tara said...

Yao-lin, you look absolutely handsome. I agree with you, diets are for the lower species.

I hope if your humans leave you have an appropriate servant in their place.


Daisy said...

Yao-lin, you do look stunning!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Stunning, simply stunning. Oh, if yoor pawrents go to this 'Hamsterdam' place maybe yoo cood fool the sitter or spa into giving yoo more treats. It worked for us with the nayborgerl who used to kitty sit.

Suzanne said...

you are gorgeous, as always, yao-lin! ignore anyone who says you look podgy.

be sure to train your temporary slaves well!


Lux said...

Great pictures, Yao-lin ... you look so skinny! That's right, skinny!

You tell your human I said that.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Just stunning! I hope you don't have to hear that word "diet" anymore. Nothing good ever comes of that.