Monday, 2 April 2007

Tuesday Tribute to Mao's little Testies ;-)

I admit it. I feel ever so slightly sorry for Baby Mao. Today, he has had the worst day of his short life.

It started much like any other - him bouncing around like his usual annoying self, me retaliating with gusto.

Then came the big day out.

Mao was taken to the vet at 8.30 this morning and didn't get home until 5.00!.

Tired, hungry and a little bit sore, he skulked out of the cat box and onto his favourite cushion. That's right, Mao had gone under the knife and had his boy bits removed.

He is still skulking in the corner right now with the human fussing and fawning all over him. She would do better to ignore him and lavish all of her affection on me.

Anyway, Mao has insisted, in between sulking, that I include a tribute to his boy bits. He isn't happy about having had them removed and he wants a record of them so that he can reminisce in times to come. Excuse the graphic picture but Mao can be very insistent! The lyrics are quite nice - Mao took them from Basil the Great Mouse Detective - one of his favourite Disney Films. Ahem.


You followed me
I followed you
We were like each other's shadows for a while...
Now as you see
This game is through
So although it hurts
I'll try to smile
As I say...

Goodbye, so soon
And isn't this a crime?
We know by now that time knows how to fly
So here's goodbye, so soon
You'll find your separate way
With time so short
I'll say so long
And go...
So soon...

Baby Mao: *sniff*


Artsy Catsy said...

Now there's a new meme: Testie Tuesday! But the boycats here could't participate ... we'd have to post on Missing Testies Monday -- with you, Mao! (Sorry, I'm sure you don't think that's too funny right now.)

I'm rambling, but what I really wanted to say was, FEEL BETTER SOON, MAO!


yao-lin said...

MOL MOL MOL that is so funny - I just read that comment to Mao and he is sulking even more now. *snigger*

Riley & Tiki said...

Poor Mao! Could have been worse. I had to stay over at the vet to keep my stinky sister company and then when we got home the next day she wouldn't even play with me! -Riley

At least you don't have a tummy full of stitches. We hope you feel better soon. -Tiki

Daisy said...

Sorry Mao, but I had to laugh at that song! I think you will be OK without your little shadow(s). But it is nice of you to say goodbye to them. Hope you feel better soon!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ha *paws clapping* ha ha ha First the post was awesome (hey, I had mine done and can now laugh at others - never at my pain...) and the tribute hilarious, then I read the Artsy Catsy comment. Now my sides hurt!
I tease cause it didn't happen to me this time! Mommy did the laser thing too so I could come home and have no stiches.

Dear Mao, in all seriousness, it is good you had this done. I really hope you feel better soon.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh my gosh....That was very nice and big brotherly of you! At least now he can hang out with the ladies. We much prefer the neutered look.


jeter harris said...

hmmmm ... verree touchin indeed. on friday, mi noo brudder matsui had hiz own hoo-ha-ektomy. da luvlee dr. landefeld made him stay overnite until saturday. by dat time he wuz up an arownd an reddee fer anythin!
get well wishez to mao.
he'll be fine tomorrow!

Junior said...

Meowm is laffin and laffin at that picture. I don't htink it's funny! It is terrible to have your bits removed!

I hope you feel better soon Mao!

The Meezers said...

oh Mao, we is so sorry about your hoo-ha-ectomy. but all of us manly man-cats has hadded them, so now you can be a manly man-cat too! And the ladies love us more now.

Derby said...

It's OK Mao, all of us boy kitties end up the same way. Ho-Ha-less. Your backside will feel just fine real soon.

But soon, all the girls will around to check you out.

Parker said...

HOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHHWHOOOO! That was a good one Yao! Ummmmm, sorry Mao, really, it's for the best - you are way more attractive to the fairer sex now!
hoooo, ~wipes eyes~ that was good!

Tara said...

Wait, I have to go find Mom, she is rolling on the floor holding her sides...I don't quite understand, I felt the same way when my lady bits were removed....

Lux said...

Such levity in the face of this horrible event is distressing - let us not make light of the loss of Mao's naughty bits. Please extend to Mao my sincere condolences.

I have a serious look on my face,

Dragonheart said...

Poor Mao. He will quickly get over it though. I don't miss my boy bits at all! Mao, you'll be feeling fine in a day or two.

Yao-lin, my mom is chuckling at the song!

The Meezer Gang said...

Get Well soon, Mao! We ashamedly admit that this was tooooo funny! Hee Hee!

Cyclone Cats said...

Poor Mao! We hopes you feel better soon! (And we're sorry that a song was made up about your hoohahectomy...we're not laughing AT you, we're laughing WITH you!

Anonymous said...

I feel Mao's pain. More accurately, I felt his pain many years ago after my own hoo-hah-ectomy.

Stay strong, Mao. It's all for the best. I just hope that, before the anaesthesia, they didn't tell you to "lie back and think of England."

Prinnie and Caesar said...

Such a sad day.
I hope you enjoy our new life... just think, less to clean.

Okay. I will just be quiet.

<3 Prinnie

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Don't feel bad, Mao. All us guys have been through the same thing. After a day or two, you'll feel better.

George & Max

Marilynn said...

Audace and Ruse send their sympathies to Mao. They recovered just fine, as did their mommy when she had her lady parts removed (but her recovery was a bit longer). It won't be long before Mao is back to normal.

Purrs to Mao from Grace & Crew

Forty Paws said...

Dat is so clever!!!

Look at it this way Mao, they wunt be knockin togeffer wen u git to be an ol' geezer.

Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

Poor little Mao. I'm sorry you have a sore backside, but it will get better soon and you are better off without your naughty bits. I loved the song.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hahaha we laffed at dat song. (Sorry Mao)Hope yer soon feeling ok again. We laffed at what Forty Paws sed too.