Thursday, 12 April 2007

Thursday Thank you!

Today, Mao and I received a lovely surprise in the post. All the way from California, a lovely Easter Card from the one and only Skeezix! Mao and I would like to say a sincere Thank You to Skeezix for the card. Mao and the humans love the picture of him. I , on the other hand, can hardly bare to look because Skeezix reminds me of a pure white Baby Mao. (sorry Skeezix, no offence).

I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce a friend of mine from the Isle of Wight! Her name is Jinx, she is a beautiful royal Siamese princess although she is much friendlier than me. I am a self confessed brat. I think Jinx is much more graceful.

Here is a picture of jinx in her cute pink top:
Be sure to stop by Jinx's blog at : to welcome her.

Anyway, enough of me being nice. That was exhausting! I have to go and investigate the kitchen, I believe there is cuisine being served.

Ta ta for now

HRH Yao-Lin xx


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Thanks for introducing your new friend! That is so great you got a card from Skeezix, he's a really good pen pal!


Daisy said...

Yao-lin, you are a nice cat, even if you pretend not to be!

Jinx is beautiful! Thank you for introducing her.I am going to go visit her right away!

Forty Paws said...

Thanks for introducing us to Jinx!!! We luf talkin to British Cats since our Paw is a Brit. Plus, they spell funny.

Luf, Us

yao-lin said...

Spell funny or smell funny? MOL

The Crew said...

Oh, look at Jinx in that fur-trimmed outfit!

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

we got that card too we luffed it we gooing right over to that blog after all you can never go wrong in pink

Lilly Lu ( a plused sized supper cat modle

The Meezer Gang said...

We stopped by and told Jinx Hi! She sure is pretty!

Yao-lin, let your guard down...It's ok to admit you're a nice cat...

Dragonheart said...

Thank you for introducing Jinx! She is a beautiful Siamese. :) I'm going over to visit her. :)

DEBRA said...

Yao-lin you are a very sweet cat and we all know that!

Wow another Jinx, my brofurr is named Jinx. I'll hafta to introduce them!


Junior said...

That Skeezix is quite a generous guy and he is quite wonderful (even if he does remind you of a certain little brother).

I went and visited Jinx....she is great!!