Thursday, 4 October 2007

Meet Luke - Urgent Plea

This is Luke.

Now, you may be wondering what a tabby is doing on my website. Well, the human has insisted I post about this Luke character - apparently he is in need of a home. I am miffed, to say the least - I had plans to talk endlessly about myself today.

Anyway, due to an unforeseen change of plans, Luke is in urgent need of a very loving forever home as soon as possible. His human will shortly be travelling to Australia for a year and the arrangements she had made for Luke's care have suddenly fallen through.

The good news is that Luke is free to a VERY LOVING home.

Here is some information about the little tiger:

Name: Luke

Age: 1 yr old (d.o.b 23/09/06)

Male Cat –. Owners are going to Australia for a year and he is in need of a good and loving new home.

Slim/medium sized, short hair tabby with white paws and white chest – very good looking cat with beautiful markings

Luke has a lovely temperament and plenty of character. He’s very healthy, strong and friendly. His main hobbies are going outside in the sunshine with the other cats, eating, sleeping, playing and his most favourite thing is having lots of cuddles and attention.

Although Luke enjoys playing outside, he is very good at not bringing other animals in. On very rare occasions he has brought a toad or a shrew home with him. However he is partial to the odd leaf!

Luke can be frightened of loud children and loud noises and he doesn’t like the rain!

Luke is fully litter trained but as long as he can come in and out of the house freely, he will not use it.

Luke is neutered and is fully up to date with his vaccines.

His human isn't sure but thinks he may have some Siamese or Bengal cat in him. He looks a bit frootbattish to me and his markings remind me of Mr Zenith.

Obviously, Luke is currently based on the Isle of Wight.

Do you, or someone you know think you can offer a loving home to this little chap?

Please email yao-lin-squashy at hotmail dot co dot uk if you think you can help!

Spread the word!

Now, is it time to talk about me yet?

HRH Yao-Lin xx


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Poor little guy, we'z sure he'll find someone to love him. He is awefully cute.

Anonymous said...

We sure hope that Luke finds a good home soon. He is so cute. Would you welcome him in your home Yao-lin?

Cheysuli said...

He's an adorable fellow. I wish I lived closer so I could be of more help!

Dragonheart said...

Poor Luke. He is adorable. I hope he finds a good home.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, that stinks. i wish we could help. i'll send lotsa good thoughts Luke's and his family's way that he finds a loving home very soon.

Thanks for supporting the boycott of the Office (American version). If you get a chance to write to NBC that would be great so they, and their advertisers, know animal cruelty is upsetting worldwide!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Well he's darned cute isn't he? I truly hope he finds a home soon. If guys could be the UK version of our family :). Tabbies are GREAT fun to play with.


ASTOR CATS said...

Your royal heart is kind to put the information about Luke on your blog. We sure hopes he'll find a new furever home.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

The Crew said...

He sure is a good looking guy! We hope someone can take him in.

(sigh) so many kitties needing homes

Daisy said...

I hope Luke can find a new home soon, he is very handsome. I think he looks like he has some Bengal in him with that beautiful spotted coat.

The Furry Fighter said...

aw hello luke! my meowmie's friemd at work is looking for a cat (maybe two) - not sure they would come all the way to the IoW but it's worth showing them...which mum will do tomorrow xxx

Jimmy Joe said...

You are following a royal tradition of contributing to charitable causes, ol' buddy. Luke looks like a great guy--Momma says she likes guys who wear eyeliner and she wishes he was in New York.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

It is too bad we are so far away because Mosaic Lady would be very tempted.
She hates loud children and loud noises too!
And if she had a cat who would do his business OUTSIDE and not run back in the house to use the litter box...
How far away from NC are you?

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Yao-lin how very accomodating you are letting your human use your blog for Luke today! He is very cute, but I think it is a little far for my Mum to travel to pick him up (phew).

Henry Helton said...

I will not allow My Lady to bring home another kitty. Unless it is a girl and she can be my girlfriend. The Lady said that that would be wrong cause she would be my sister and that is illegal here in the U.S.

michico*Adan said...

Luke is very very beautiful, I hope he could find his forever loving home. Such a great beautiful cat need a great beautiful Mommy and Daddy~!!!

The Cat Realm said...

That is way cool that you do this, Yao-Lin! He seems to be adorable, I wouldn't mind sharing my home with him - I am afraid it would be a bit too complicated as I am over 10,000 miles removed from the Isle of Wight - he might as well go to Australia... I do hope he finds a wonderful home!!!!
And I need your help to make a decision - if you have time, come and take the poll at my blog? Thank you!

Black Cat said...

Oh I would love to have him, I would, I would, he's just adorable, but I don't think my house is cat-friendly at the moment, it's so full of STUFF. But if you can't find a home for him please leave a message on my blog or email me (I'm copying this to email to you as well). I have a small garden with a cat flap leading to it and inside he could have fun investigating all the stuff! I have boxes I can put anything in that he might hurt himself on, and I have a king-sized bed he could snuggle with me on:) I'm about a two hour drive plus a ferry ride from the Izzly Widget which might be too far for him to travel though. xxx